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BURRI LED Retrofit

Preserving classic beauty with the latest technology

Thanks to our LED Retrofits, there is no need to say goodbye to lovely wrought-iron gas street lamps when taking that crucial step into the modern lighting age. We develop tailor-made LED solutions to enable older or even very old light sources to continue to shine.

LED Technology comes with undeniable advantages: High lighting quality, flexible application, long service life, high reliability, low maintenance costs and reduced electricity consumption are just a few of the extremely good reasons to make that switch.

The ability to integrate the advantages of LED technology in older light sources is called LED Retrofit.

Lighting forms an integral part of the cityscape in many European cities, in particular the beautiful wrought iron street lamps. So that these can continue to radiate their unique design charm, we have developed customized LED retrofit packages including light temperature adaptation that preserves not only the exterior design but also the color of the light.