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BURRI LED Contracting

LED retrofitting without investment costs

Retrofitting old lighting systems to LED makes good sense from an economic, ecological and functional point of view. BURRI LED Contracting makes all this possible without an investment budget, and you nevertheless benefit from subsequent savings in electricity and maintenance.

Not a new idea but a good idea: No investment costs – full service

We can assume all of the work involved in retrofitting your public lighting systems to the latest LED technology. Throughout, we use only high-quality materials, most of which are ‘Made in Switzerland’.

Benefiting together

This approach allows everyone to share in the benefits. This is because over subsequent years we jointly share the savings in electricity consumption and maintenance that result from the retrofitting. On request, we can also take over the maintenance of new lighting systems on your behalf.


We have consulted with numerous municipalities that are keen to make the switch to new LED technology for road- or footpath lighting. But they are forced to put their plans on hold if there is no funding available for such investments.

With LED Contracting, this is no longer necessary. With LED Contracting from BURRI, there are no investment costs for the client when retrofitting to LED. What is more, even without investment costs, the client receives the latest lighting technology and benefits from savings in electricity consumption and maintenance. 

We see our LED Contracting package as a contribution to a sustainably functioning society.

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