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Barrier-free bus stops with modern shelter assembly kits to suit every situation

The modular assembly kit for the modern, barrier-free bus stop, with a design that fulfils all disability equality requirements and encompasses every precautionary measure for the Smart City of the future.

Each individual stopping point is different. At the same time, emphasis has been given to a uniform look and feel for the area as a whole as well as the vital aspects of identification and orientation. The HSI ONE stopping point assembly kit allows all stopping points within a municipality to be fully featured as desired with no compromise in design and functionality.

The modular principle offers innumerable possibilities for configuring a stopping point according to the respective situation (individual length, roof projection, equipment configuration). The modular system is forwards and backwards compatible and the bus stop standard is safeguarded for many years to come thanks to the BURRI spare parts guarantee. Various equipment options are available for the modular system (benches, standing aids, roof greening, etc.)

According to the BehiG (Swiss Disability Equality Act), bus stops are required to be handicapped-accessible or barrier-free by the end of 2023. The stopping point modular kit is based on the current standards (BehiG, VaböV, SIA500, etc.) and fulfils additional guidelines and recommendations for barrier-free bus stops as defined by expert bodies and associations. The ground plan dimensions are designed for the recommended manoeuvring areas for wheelchair users of 4 metres (e.g. in accordance with Zurich transport authority specifications) or 5.40 m (e.g. in accordance with recommendations from the expert bodies Barrier Free Architecture and Procap).

The modular system facilitates easy equipping, retrofitting and upgrading with technical devices (e.g. dynamic passenger information), sensors (cameras, microphones, sensors, etc.) as well as intelligent lighting control. With HSI ONE bus stops, the Smart City has arrived.

Thanks to easily positionable prefabricated foundations, you can lower civil engineering costs and simplify construction site processes.

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