Orientation and identification in one

Zurich Oerlikon signposting system

Signposts by BURRI as a central thread through the city's district 11.

In 2010, BURRI public elements, in cooperation with Werner Egli from Signaletica, produced a uniform and modular signposting system for the city of Oerlikon. Passage around the city center was fundamentally altered during the course of construction work around the station.To safeguard ongoing orientation and identification for pedestrians, the signposting system was adapted and expanded.

High-quality hot-dip galvanized steel lends the system the required robustness for an urban context. And thanks to a distinctive anti-graffiti coating, vandalism and related expenses can be kept to a minimum. The panels can be subdivided as required or complemented individually – with no need for tools. Throughout, the uniform design and clearly presented information ensure end-to-end orientation in the city.