Modernisation and refurbishment of City Light boxes

St.Moritz Design Gallery

The St. Moritz Design Gallery in Parkhaus Serletta connects the train station with the town centre. Every year, over one million visitors enjoy the exhibitions of posters and photo-graphs, many on the topic of tour-ism. 16 years ago, BURRI was com-missioned with the development and installation of a variety of City Light LK 4000 light boxes for the exclusive art gallery.

BURRI intentionally developed the City Lights as a modular system and ensured that the design would facilitate future adaptations to user requirements as well as technical expansion.

In late 2019, BURRI upgraded the City Lights in St. Moritz to the latest generation in long-lasting and energy-efficient LED technology.Alongside, all of the hardware was subject to a thorough cleaning and overhaul. 

BURRI also converted the existing wall luminaires to LED technology with the aim of giving them a second life. 

This will extend the lifespan of these high-grade products by many more years and more than halve the energy requirements of the system. 

The municipality of St. Moritz is very happy with the results: “We’re glad that we chose this solution from BURRI. As a contractor, BURRI understands our concerns, and continues to take care of them even after many years. We will turn straight to BURRI for the next project.