New look for the dockland area

The Spree docklands featuring special Landi benches with reversible backrests

Redesign of Hamburg’s Spree docklands

Opening of the dockland area

The demolition of the symbolic customs & excise fence round the Spree docklands made the entire dockland area freely accessible to the public for the first time. The architectural practice “TOPOTEK 1” faced a particular challenge: the redesign of the dockland area needed to meet both the different needs of dockland users as well as those of the population of the Hamburg conurbation. The dyke landscape offers space for leisure activities and is a practical traffic route for bicycles and occasional motor vehicles. Thanks to the seats’ reversible backrests, users of the special, well-placed Landi benches can choose between views of the dyke and the shore path, as well as of the docklands and their unique dockside houseboats. The signal-yellow finish of the benches makes them easy to find, and also easy to avoid for road users.