Special outdoor furniture for the “le Croissant” district of Nanterre, Paris

As part of the redesign of the busy “le Croissant” quarter in Nanterre, Paris, BURRI developed, produced and supplied custom artificial stone benches in collaboration with the Berlin-based planning office Topotek 1, and also provided a range of other street furniture.

The aim of the project, which was overseen by Topotek 1, is to create a striking and innovative public space that traces a sequence of three typologies: urban space, landscaped public space and pedestrian zone. Throughout, a curated collection of objects and trees from around the world helps to create a unique programmatic identity, resulting in a connected public space with flexible applications and an innovative, hybrid character.

The design and material must be correspondingly robust to meet the needs of the space, meaning that two-tone terrazzo/artificial stone played a central role in the design from the very outset. The black and white theme is a natural fit for the overall composition. The artificial stone benches are complemented perfectly by the classic Landi bench with pivoting backrest alongside terrazzo games tables for chess and other games, as well as a variety of stools.