Designed by Reto Marty

Special LED lamp ETH Science City

Special LED lamp «wohnraum», ETHZ Campus Hoenggerberg, Zurich

Product development in collaboration with Reto Marty

In 2011, lighting designer Reto Marty and his team from nachtaktiv started to develop and implement a new Plan Lumière with LED technology for the ETHZ campus. The reduction of light pollution and energy efficiency were important factors in reaching the ETHZ`s sustainability goals. A 70% decrease in overall energy use, even with 40 additional lights, was one the results of utilizing LED technology. For this project, a new LED lamp called “wohnraum” was developed in collaboration with BURRI public elements and was used in the Plan Lumière in addition to various LED lamp poles and posts. The durable design of the “wohnraum” LED lamp exudes  elegance and a comfortable atmosphere, made possible through BURRI’s strong expertise in terms of  materials and people in public areas.

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