Encouraging social interaction at the Agrandissement du complexe Ecole et Mairie

Special benches for Satigny

The project began when the municipality of Satigny (GE) was looking for ways to invigorate their public space with new outdoor furniture.

Timothée Giorgis Architectes assumed responsibility for the planning and created a series of custom benches that encourage social interaction. It was also crucial for the process to be accompanied by a partner with the necessary expertise and experience. The end result is superb, thanks to BURRI’s comprehensive experience in the development of specialised formats.

BURRI incorporated the architect’s preliminary sketches and requirements into their construction. As a result, the dimensions, angle of the backrest and arrangement all differ from the classic Landi double bench. The backrest element is mounted in the centre of the bench, and each bench provides seating opportunities for 16 people. The head ends of the backrest are closed off with wood so that no personal belongings can fall inside.

The public space at the Agrandissement du Ecole et Mairie has been definitively invigorated thanks to the custom double benches, and social interaction between young and old is taking place in the location – in keeping with BURRI’s vision of ‘Public spaces are more important than buildings. They make a city alive.’