Orientation for Swiss holiday and sports domicile

Silvaplana Signage

The new signposting system with display cases and notice boards guides tourists through the alpine commune

Silvaplana, a small municipality in the heart of the Upper Engadin lake region, is a natural paradise for sports enthusiasts and hikers. Numerous sports facilities and events offer activities to suit everyone, while magnificent panoramic views and nature trails through the mountain landscape of the Eastern Alps are never far away.

To help tourists quickly find points of interest, the new BURRI signposting system points the way clearly and includes information on surrounding attractions. The steles can be straightforwardly adapted to local requirements thanks to separate and tool-free interchangeable panels. The signposting system is complemented by BURRI City Lights display cabinets with area and hiking maps, as well as a board for notices about sports, culture, events and regional offers.

The consistent and uniform design of the information concept ensures quick and safe orientation for visitors in the commune of Silvaplana.

Graphic design / Layout: Süsskind SGD

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