Public elements adorn the monastery square

Rheinau Abbey Island

The square in front of the abbey of Rheinau Abbey Island has undergone a redesign.

Beautiful and bright paving stones and Public Elements® from BURRI now adorn the entire square. Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten AG was responsible for the overall concept, which included Landi round and curved benches from the outset.

Three old, giant redwood trees have stood on the site for a long time. These are surrounded by unspoiled natural islands, which stand in pleasant contrast to the bright stone ground. A steambent round bench as well as a curved bench offer space for cosy hours spent among the trees. The round bench surrounds a thick tree trunk, while the curved bench follows the contours of an island of trees.

The round and curved benches – featuring numerous individual radii – were supplied by BURRI. Thanks to the well-tried handcraft of steam bending, it is possible to give wood virtually any shape and geometry without remaining tension. The wood is oiled several times to ensure that the larch slats are optimally protected against excessive moisture.

Individual Landi seniors' benches from NATWOOD complete the range of seating. The adapted seat geometry and rounded back and armrests ensure that getting up and sitting are much easier. Public Bins with a clever emptying system help to keep the site free of litter.