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Rhätische Bahn benches - RhB

Rhätische Bahn benches - RhB

High recognition value - comfortable and durable

For BURRI, every client project is special in its own way. But our client Rhätische Bahn (Rhaetian railways) presented a particular challenge: part of UNESCO world cultural heritage, a masterpiece  of engineering skill and a unique combination of technological sophistication and natural beauty. The task involved working with the design bureau Hannes Wettstein to design benches that lived up to the aesthetic and climatic requirements of the RhB. Rhätische Bahn were impressed by the solution that BURRI designed, produced and installed.

The ergonomic design of the seating surfaces and back rests make the benches extremely  comfortable. The special  combination of materials for the seating slats - aluminum beams with a hard-rubber coating -  delivers considerable  self-cleaning properties and require very little maintenance.

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Design in the context of the RhB

The RhB benches were designed in cooperating with the design team of Studio Hannes Wettstein AG, Zurich. This cooperation made it possible for the stations to be fitted with modern seating furniture that simultaneously allowed for the requirements of nearly one million travellers per year, the tradition of the building and its aesthetic qualities. With the selection of material, the stylistic elements were guided by the technical vocabulary of this spectacular narrow-gauge railway and incorporate colour components that reference the special RhB red.