A wide range of BURRI transport infrastructure at the Schulhausplatz in Baden

Revamping of Switzerland's most heavily used traffic junction

The Schulhausplatz in Baden is one of the busiest intersections in Switzerland, with more than 47,000 vehicles and 1,460 buses passing through every day.

As such, it was far beyond its original intended capacity and a redesign was an absolute necessity. 

The concept, traffic planning and engineering were the responsibility of the company VR AG, the civil engineering department of the canton of Aargau, Baden Transport Services, and Erb & Partner AG. As a complete service provider, BURRI undertook the on-site field measurements and was responsible for construction and production, including logistics.

For many of the products, BURRI had to develop and manufacture special mountings for the existing and new structures. For example, the T-masts were bolted into place using special brackets mounted on footplates.

BURRI increased the height of some of the signal gantries on one side to provide additional anchoring for the METRO LED catenary suspended luminaires. 

Buses also play an important role in the canton of Aargau, and so that these can run on schedule, camera masts were installed that automatically signal to the traffic lights that a bus is approaching.