Pleasant warm lighting and trendsetting technologies for optimal cost-effectiveness.

Retrofitting and upgrade of the existing structure following the principles of Life Cycle Care

Through the use of LED light sources and by integrating sensors and a ZHAGA interface, it was possible to employ proven Life Cycle Care measures in the upgrading of an existing product – all while taking current customer requirements into account and with no work required on the foundation or structure.

On the Josefwiese urban park in Zurich, the existing luminaires – originally equipped with discharge lamps – were replaced by more economical Selux products with highly efficient LED inserts. The work, which was carried out on behalf of the Zurich Municipal Electric Utility (EWZ), made use of the existing candelabra, allowing the new luminaires to be connected seamlessly to the existing structure. The integrated Selux Tritec module is gold-coloured, ensuring a warm and pleasant lighting atmosphere in the immediate vicinity.On the rear, a screen of fine perforated sheet metal minimises light emissions and prevents glare in specific directions. All luminaires are equipped with an integrated radar motion detector and ZHAGA interface with radio module.