METRO LED streetlights in the Alps

Resort development in Andermatt

METRO LED streetlights for the "Andermatt Swiss Alps" project

From a strategic military base to sustainable year-round destination

The "Andermatt Swiss Alps" project is transforming the historical village into a year-round destination for alpine tourism offering skiing, golf and spas.
Launched in 2007, the first new hotel "The Chedi" was opened in 2013 by investor Samih Sawiris. Further hotels, apartments and resort buildings are under construction. The streets and access routes to the existing apartment building neighborhood are lit by METRO 60 LED streetlights. Besides being "Made in Switzerland", METRO carried the day not only thanks to its high energy-efficiency, but also to its elegant functional design. The lamp posts are also manufactured by BURRI. With the continuing development of the site, METRO streetlights are being seamlessly integrated into a general lighting and control concept, thanks to a night reduction in the 2nd phase, intelligent Dynadim and additional interfaces.

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