BURRI public elements in Norway

Renovation of Bergen Railway Station

Outdoor furniture as well as a disposal- and a shut-off system for the main station.

In Bergen in Norway, BURRI public elements AG was awarded the contract for the furnishing of the newly renovated main station. The corresponding cooperation with the architectural firm ORIGO Arkitektgruppe was forged through the internet. The specific requirements for the design and materials took those in charge of the project to Switzerland and to BURRI – a producer that not only manufactures outdoor furniture, but which also provides samples so that the partner and the end client can be convinced ahead of time of the quality and design. Throughout, the Norwegian architectural design collaborative and BURRI engaged in a direct and uncomplicated exchange of ideas, which simplified and facilitated the overall cooperation.

The listed main station now features different variations of the BURRI 02 bench, stainless steel bollards, Public Bins as well as BULI, a representative of the blu family of products. With a consistently low-key design, the furniture integrates seamlessly into the station’s existing architecture, which dates back to 1913, thus helping the building to regain its former splendour. The high quality of the materials will enable many years of intensive use with minimal maintenance.