Refurbishment of existing infrastructure on Oerlikon’s Market Square

Refurbishment of the Market Square in Zurich Oerlikon

The Civil Engineering Office of the city of Zurich commissioned BURRI with the refurbishment of the outdoor furniture on Oerlikon Market Square. An important requirement was the reuse of as many of the existing components and materials as possi-ble.

BURRI was originally responsible for the installation of the existing seating arrangements 15 years ago. Not surprisingly, the vigorous exterior use over this time had left a few marks. Today, thanks to the revamping of the furniture, they are like new once again.

This resource-saving overhaul was economically feasible not least thanks to BURRI’S modular approach, which uses mechanically connected components and separable materials.

BURRI completely dismantled all of the city benches and chess crates for chess pieces, which are positioned alongside the outdoor chess boards. A new powder coating was applied to all steel parts, the rubber sheathing of seat slatting was recycled and new sheathing was fitted to the benches. Some small components were also replaced. 

BURRI attaches great importance to life cycle considerations. This “second life” improves the price-performance ratio of products, and significantly reduces life cycle costs (LCC). A general overhaul of BURRIS’ high-quality city furniture is a sustainable and economically sound solution for owners of infrastructure. 

The Civil Engineering Office was very pleased with this sustainable solution. The Market Square is once again an identity-forging, liveable and popular location in which to spend time.