Public space extended by 800 square metres

Refurbishment of Bahnhofstrasse Chur

The main objectives of the design process were to renew any utility lines in need of refurbishment and redesign the Obere Bahnhofstrasse.

Coloured public elements (benches and bike stands) and groups of trees were added to the now continuous pedestrian zone from Bahnhofplatz to Postplatz.

The project included placing the updated Landi Bench with pivoted backrest in locations around the new design for Bahnhofstrasse. The Landi Bench with pivoted backrest has been manufactured for over 30 years, but has been forgotten in recent years.

In initial discussions with the project’s designers about the re-design for Bahnhofstrasse Chur, it soon became clear that the time had come to wake this versatile bench in the classic Landi design from a deep sleep, just like Sleeping Beauty, in order to update and relaunch it.

The designers have produced the bench - which can be tilted in either direction - in three main colours: stone grey, sulphur yellow and pastel blue. These colours are also available for the classic Landi Bench designs, both with and without backrest,
which were produced to match at the same time.