A moveart sculpture is a new signature feature of the tourist destination

Redesigning the public space in Arosa

For some time, BURRI has been accompanying the municipality of Arosa as they explore concepts for a "new village". Throughout, the emphasis is on the redesign of public spaces.

The Bahnhofplatz ('Station square') is something of a focal point in Arosa. Here, the different moveart products succeed in attracting more life to the square. At the centre there is a giant moveart sculpture resembling a wave, which symbolises Arosa itself. Arosa means "by the water" and the holiday destination is also on the move – much like the wave. Due to the immense dimensions and the occasionally strong winds in Arosa, BURRI has developed a custom ground fixing that is robust whilst also allowing for the natural expansion of the wood.

As well as the 15 metre-long moveart object, the area is also dotted with other seating options, meaning that there is a cosy place for everyone, be they alone, as a couple or in a group. moveart is a sustainable and ecological means of revitalisation, integration and inspiration. And thanks to their diverse nature, they are loved by all generations.

For many decades, the Bahnhofplatz was adorned by three flagpoles. BURRI and moveart are convinced that the various wood sculptures of Accoya wood will soon be firmly anchored in the minds and hearts of locals and visitors alike.