Sombrero 360° benches now grace the old town of Liestal

Redesign of the Rathausstrasse in Liestal

The boulevard is an example of the hospitality of this charming town.

The transformation of the Rathausstrasse in Liestal was finally completed in November 2017.  BURRI made its own significant contribution with its Sombrero 360° benches, which are not only visually appealing but also promote social contact. On a whim, passers-by can settle down at their desired location and choose a view to enjoy, which also gives all of the local businesses the chance of being discovered.

Design office Stauffenegger + Partner consulted with BURRI for the project, not least because of the high relevance of the proper interaction of wood and metal. The ash slats were steam-bent – a special process that lends the wood a new geometry without additional strain on the material. In the final phase, the slatting was treated with a special oil. The supporting structure was constructed using hot-dip galvanised steel tubing.

BURRI was also commissioned to install the benches. Here, the feet were screwed onto threads that were attached to asphalt anchors glued into the drill holes. This makes the benches easy to assemble and disassemble for events.

Throughout, Liestal’s specific requirements were fully considered in the designs drawn up by BURRI. For example, a wooden model was constructed to test and adapt the seating geometry. A 1:1 prototype was produced for the final product approval.