Breathing more life into a shared space

Public Elements® for the Am Glattbogen housing project

A variety of BURRI products adorn the Glattbogen development to beckon the residents into the open air whenever the weather is permitting.

Three apartment buildings encompassing 229 Minergie apartments were recently constructed in Zurich as part of the ‘Am Glattboden’ development. Naturally, a generous outdoor space with appealing and high-quality furniture was included as an essential feature of the complex. To this end, BURRI was commissioned to produce a variety of standard and special Public Elements®.

Thereby, Kuhn Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH had a series of requests for BURRI to take into account in the course of their planning. One of these custom products is the bench lounger, the design of which is based on the Landi lounger. On one side, the Public Element® can be used as a seating bench with backrest, and on the other is a reclining surface for relaxing breaks. The bench loungers also serve to conceal the garage ventilation shafts, which was a particularly important requirement for the client. All seating and reclining elements have been produced in green-grey painted fir wood for a consistent appearance.

The apartment buildings feature innovative racks for kickboard, skateboard and longboard riders.

To ensure the best possible standards of cleanliness, a number of anthracite stove-enamelled Public Bins have been installed on the site. The residential area is protected by bollards. These employ a predetermined breaking point screw that will break in the case of strong impact, thereby preventing expensive civil engineering works.

The client needed the products to be delivered on a staggered schedule. The production times were tight, but thanks to careful planning and good coordination, they were all fulfillable.