For a mobile and tidy Zurich

PubliBike Zürich

PubliBike is picking up speed. In Zurich stations with around 300 bicycles are ready for rental. Download PubliBike App, register, rent and start riding.

The very first network in German-speaking Switzerland will soon be up and running in the city of Zurich. Beginning on 6 April 2018, stations with around 300 bicycles will go into operation alongside the three test stations already in place. Thereby, half of the new bicycles are e-bikes. Installation work has been ongoing for some days, while the ‘official’ opening will take place as part of the 2018 URBAN Bike Festival at Turbinenplatz. PubliBike will also be present at the event with a booth and test bikes. 

BURRI began the planning, construction and assembly of the station infrastructure for PubliBike as far back as September 2016. The product line comprises a basic element (stele) as well as various mounting parts. BURRI has also commenced with the planning, preparation and installation of components for the station electronics. 

The incorporated electronics, which function either via an external power supply or autonomously with batteries, allow users to use the bike rental system via the PubliBike app.  Zurich has opted to use batteries for some of the stations with the aim of making locations more flexible. 

The steles are available with different foundation types: a concrete base, which is also suitable for temporary use; with screw-mounted asphalt plates, which does away with the need for costly civil engineering work; and with a concrete foundation for embedding.


Click here for the interview with Bruno Rohner, CEO PubliBike