Equipping the Kamillus city retirement home

Outdoor spaces suited to senior citizens

Vivendi Generation Bench

An intergenerational project application

The new Kamillus city retirement home opened on 10 April. Designed by bdmp Architekten, the site accommodates not only the retirement home, but also a nursing school and a kindergarten. In keeping with the intergenerational use of the site, various models of the Vivendi Generation Bench are used. This collection developed by Professor Beucker meets the ergonomic needs of senior citizens discreetly but effectively. Modern production and material technologies allow  organic shapes and pleasant materials in combination with robust construction to meet the demands of public areas. The area is lit by BURRI Public Light and METRO 60 lights with high-efficiency LED technology. Waste management requirements are met by BURRI’s Public Bin system.

Products used