Light and illumination in perfection

New Winterthur track crossing

After a long period of planning and building the new track crossing in Winterthur has finally been opened in September 2016.

In this project, the Sulzer area, arch complex and Rudolf Strasse alongside Winterthur train station were joined together in two stages. This has created a more spacious square between the boiler house and track system, which has been equipped with many public elements.

Ahead of this tender, BURRI also participated in and won the contract to implement the diverse lighting for the square. This involved the development, manufacture and assembly of numerous lights, light poles and special luminaires, including LED light walls of up to 45 metres long. The result is a successful combination of superior materials, precise execution and maximum functionality.

The station area was also given a uniform height in the course of the construction work, thereby enormously increasing the development potential of the district. The track crossing serves to reinforce the unification of the two sides of the train station, and in the process has almost become a new centre for Winterthur.

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