Reopening of one of the biggest city squares in Switzerland

New design for the square on the Esplanade Kongresshaus in Biel

The new Esplanade Kongresshaus in Biel has been opened again after 18 months of construction work. The re-created square extends from the Coupole via Zentralstrasse and right up to the steps of the Kongresshaus.

The level area is covered by a layer of hammered, coarse-grained mastic asphalt. Five large shallow depressions have been let into the surface of the square, which become filled with water, forming big puddles.

BURRI was asked to supply Landscape Benches and Evolution Stools for the new design of the square on Esplanade Kongresshaus in Biel.

The landscape architects at raderschallpartner AG have arranged the colourful Evolution Stools around the water surface. Depending on the weather conditions, they are reflected in the smooth wet surface covering or areas of shallow water.

A system of turning bolts was used for assembling the Evolution Stools, making for easy assembly/disassembly and serving as pre-determined breaking points, so that the anchor mechanism under the surface covering is not damaged if they are rammed into. The surface covering is flush when stools are removed and the assembly design means that individual components can simply be replaced without expensive work to the surface covering if the stools are damaged.

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