moveart is livening up the surroundings at the ‘Wohnen am Rotbach’ retirement home in Bühler moveart

moveart for both young and old

A piece of furniture that keeps you fit, is fun to use and even helps you to relax? Is that possible? Yes! The ‘Wohnen am Rotbach’ retirement community in Bühler is the proud home of a new moveart sculpture (climbslide 8 Senior), which is inspiring both younger and older generations.

The Hopp-la Foundation is committed to the promotion of intergenerational movement and health. The retirement home in the municipality of Bühler decided to invest in a range of new outdoor furniture, which is where moveart came in.

The artful element helps older people to improve their balance and strengthen their muscles. They can also have fun with their grandchildren, stay fit and use the object as a place to relax and chat.

The railings alongside the stairs serve a walking aid for seniors as well as a climbing opportunity for children.

A surface under the ‘generational sculpture’ offers protection in case of a fall. There are countless norms and regulations to bear in mind for play sculptures. Here, helpful input was provided by Andreas Hochstrasser from the company Spielplatz Zone (‘Playground zone’). The specially designed climbslide 8 Senior now meets all applicable standards and safety aspects.

The University of St. Gallen initiated a research project to examine the behaviour of seniors and to evaluate any potential for optimisation – knowledge that was also incorporated into this project.

BURRI wishes everyone a great deal of fun with moveart.

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