High-quality material combination of metal and Thermo Ash

Made-to-measure benches for Valida

BURRI and Valida are working together for a long time.

For several years, BURRI has been collaborating with Valida – a social enterprise dedicated to the integration of impaired people – in the area of wood production.

Recently, suitable benches were required following a renovation of the Valida staff restaurant terrace. Valida approached BURRI with the idea of collaborating on a design.

A prerequisite was that the seating should match the surrounding design language.  The result speaks for itself: the combination of dark metal and oiled Thermo Ash is pleasing on the eye and harmonises perfectly with the pergola on the deck.

BURRI supported Valida throughout in the planning and implementation, while the bench construction is from the creative heads at BURRI.  Valida took responsibility for the manufacturing and assembly of the wooden slatting. Thanks to the well-conceived construction, the individual slats are interchangeable yet dimensionally stable, ensuring that the lamellar arrangement is preserved throughout.

All benches have a comfortable seating height for seniors and can be identified with the white cane.