Viaduct space in Zwicky Süd – Stage 1 of 3

The lounge under the bridge

The cosy outdoor meeting place – BURRI Outdoor Lounge

In the autumn of 2017, the Zwicky areal in Dübendorf became home to the ‘Outdoor Lounge’. Thereby, the idea was to create a homely atmosphere in an unlikely setting. Some initial scepticism about the possibility of creating a living space under the bridge has been dispelled by the finished ‘Lounge’.

Under the barren railway viaduct, oversize bedside lamps and wooden sofas and armchairs come together to produce a distinctly cosy ambience.

The wide-beam LED luminaires were tested on site using a prototype, the result being optimal illumination and effect, while the graceful curves of the lampshade can be traced back the older form of metal pressing that was used to produce symmetrical circular forms.

The seating areas are erected on steel substructures and panelled with sturdy Accoya wood. Pigmented oil was used to dye the wood.

The installation of the Public Elements® on visible concrete panels was carried out by BURRI.

The design for the outdoor Lounge was by landscape architects Studio Vulkan. And thanks to its broad expertise in metal construction, wood technology, as well as electrical and lighting technology, BURRI was the ideal partner for project realisation.