The LED round cable lights also work well on candelabras

LOOP in Zurich-Oerlikon

The LOOP LED-luminaires from BURRI are usually attached to ropes. Thanks to the intelligent light distribution possibilities of the product, it also works excellently on candelabra or cantilevers.

The round LOOP LED rope light for street and square lighting with a maximum output of 150 watts can be used in many different ways. In Zurich-Oerlikon, the municipal electricity company (EWZ) illuminates Hagenholzstrasse near Hallenstadion with LOOP luminaires from BURRI. The luminaires, which were originally designed for cable suspensions, are elegantly suspended from the existing candelabra with arms from BURRI. 

The LOOP round luminaire allows a wide range of light distribution options in its housing. Candelabra with two or four LOOP enclosures are used on the whole intersection. The asymmetrical light distribution achieves a uniform illumination of the entire intersection area.