Maximum LED efficiency in a timeless design

LOOP (Central, Münsterplatz, Hardplatz and St. Gallen)

The circular lamp now illuminates the Central in Zurich, the Münsterhof, the Hardplatz and the central station in St. Gallen.

Numerous LOOP LED circular catenary luminaires have been installed in Zurich, including at the Central, one of the city’s most important traffic points. The Central is crossed by many hundreds of cars, cyclists, trams and pedestrians every day. As part of a major redevelopment in the summer of 2017, BURRI public elements was awarded the contract for the lighting of the square. The site of the large-scale Hardplatz project is likewise frequented daily by innumerable numbers of pedestrians. At Münsterhof, the light is important above all for the residents and visitors of Limmatquai and Niederdorf.

At St. Gallen Bahnhofsplatz, it’s not just commuters but also the drivers of the St. Gallen city bus, Postauto AG and Appenzell Railways that depend on good quality light. For those crossing the square, LOOP ensures clear visibility and increased safety. Thanks to its highly efficient implementation, it is also possible to reduce electricity costs as well as other costs.

Each one of the LOOP LED circular catenary luminaires chosen by the respective contracting authority is distinguished, among other features, by a high degree of efficiency. It can be configured with more than 25 different light distributions, and is the only LED circular catenary luminaire with a maximum output of 150 watts. Optimal performance is provided by state-of-the-art LED lighting technology with double anti-reflective front glass. The timeless round design offers virtually no contact surface for wind, while the robust mechanism ensures stable mounting above the road.