BURRI as a total contractor

Limmattalbahn stage 1

A tramway for the Limmat Valley. The first stage is underway and the final expansion is expected to be completed by December 2022.

BURRI public elements won the international WTO tender for the Limmattalbahn stopping point infrastructure in 2016, and is managing the entire project as a full-service general contractor. Implementation is taking place in cooperation with the architectural office 10:8, under the lead of Jürg Senn. The project is divided into two stages.

The first stage was ceremoniously opened by Doris Leuthard with a groundbreaking in late summer 2017. This stretches from Zurich-Altstetten to Schlieren, which is where BURRI presented the first prototype to the media, users and operators who were gathered at Geissweid station in mid-April. 13 more concourses will be assembled by the summer of 2019 and commissioned the following December.

The 12 by 2.5 metre concourse comprises five distinctive components: a long wooden bench, the slender supports with a steel roof, the glass wind and bird protection, the technology and information cabinet, as well as railings.

This coming summer, BURRI will begin with the planning for the second stage, which will encompass a further 13 standard stops. The completion of construction is expected to be finalised by December 2022.

BURRI is proud to be equipping not only the stopping points but also the entire route with LOOP luminaires and bicycle parking systems.

Products used

Making of

Competencies deployed in development: 
Begehungen  auf  der  Geissweid
Development and construction
Prototyp auf der Geissweid
Design and prototyping
Clevere  Lösungen
Materials and technology
Montage  des  Prototyps  auf  der  Geissweid
Installation and maintenance

Safety for all user groups

Fulfils the requirements of the Swiss Disability Discrimination Act

Following inspections, users and specialist groups have confirmed the strong performance of the prototype. The concourses are geared towards the full range of user needs. The media reserved particular praise for the timeless design, while the technical refinements and maintenance-friendly details mean that local authorities and operators are looking forward to launch day. The on-site inspection permitted important insights for people with physical impairments, as well as the identification of minor shortcomings.

Urban planning concept

Perfect cooperation between the building contractor, architects and planners

BURRI developed, constructed and prototyped the entire bus infrastructure in close cooperation with the architectural office 10:8, under the lead of Jürg Senn. The contractor critically evaluated the suitability, cost effectiveness, social compatibility, safety, durability, and environmental compatibility of every single component, and all were rated as extremely very well-balanced in these regards. In order to meet these conditions, BURRI carried out meticulous planning of every detail, and developed the components to production maturity together with the architects and the client.

The purchaser for the Limmattalbahn is Limmattalbahn AG as well as the Zurich Transport Authority ZVV.

Holistic design with intelligent details

Optimal usability and life cycle costs (LCC)

The wooden bench, which is made of thermally treated domestic ash, offers an entirely new service and maintenance function, including a stainless steel mounted slide system for straightforward removal of the seating.

The elegant supports are sharp-edge welded from steel plate. The roof drainage as well as the feed of electrical and data lines from the electrical cabinet into the roof all take place via the slender columns. The steel construction is hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated for optimum corrosion protection, and applied with an anti-graffiti coating.

The wind deflector is made of laminated glass (type VSG 8-4s) with polished edges, and features a new form of coating system that is printed on two layers, both on the exterior (green) and in the glass laminate (white).The glass fulfils all requirements for bird impact protection (bird-proof glass).

Team delivers efficient development and implementation 

Experience, expertise and deployment of system solutions

The close cooperation with designers and architects enjoys a long tradition at BURRI. Thus, even demanding specifications such as the Limmattalbahn are implemented efficiently by BURRI’s own development and planning division. Throughout, extensive know-how in the area of public elements, as well as numerous own-developed system solutions and products, help to conserve costs. Efficient production and professional assembly teams increase flexibility and guarantee adherence to schedules.

Cost minimisation for the client

A total contractor – from development, all the way to maintenance and servicing

In the long term, an investment such as the Limmattalbahn has to pay off for the public-sector budget. This is why BURRI takes the same approach as the contractor, and calculates using the so-called life cycle costs, namely the total expenditure for construction and production as well as repairs and maintenance, throughout the entire operating life. Thanks to this approach to construction and the choice of materials, BURRI can prevent unnecessary follow-up costs in servicing and maintenance.