Conical large masts of 19 metres in length

Lighting masts for Zurich's Europaallee

19-metre high masts with ROOTPAKK® coating

The Europaallee in Zurich is pulsating with life and so it‘s not surprising that numerous restaurants, bars, shops and companies have chosen to make the area their home. 

To ensure that the area is optimally illuminated not just in the day but also during the night-time, the Zurich Municipal Electric Utility and Swiss Federal Railways put a project out to tender. BURRI ultimately emerged as the winner of the competition. 

The conical masts are designed by the Krebs and Herde firm of landscape architects. The large masts are 19 meters high and produced from a single piece. They are also the longest conical masts that BURRI has ever produced. For the lower part of the mast, ROOTPAKK® coating provides effective protection against mechanical influences and other damaging factors. 

Some of the large masts have been installed above an underground bicycle parking garage. Here, numerous small, high-performance anchors were required due to the low floor foundation, which includes waterproofing. All base plates were grouted to reinforce the statics, and heated tents supported the drying process to ensure timely completion in the cold season.

The logistics, which included heavy transport and a mobile tyre crane, were especially time-consuming, not least because pedestrians had to be able to use the Europaallee during the entire assembly process. Of course, appro-priate safety precautions were taken and staff were put on point duty.

In the near future, even more in-house products will be finding their way on to the Europaallee. Of course, BURRI is always happy to contribute its expertise.