Life Cycle Care – Preserving beauty – Utilising new technologies

The LK2000 that has been in use since 1995 was the first light box for standard poster formats. This innovative product can be found throughout Switzerland: in public spaces, at public transport stopping points and in waiting shelters and train stations. Already in the first production run, the intelligent design of the light box permitted the straightforward adaptation of light sources at a later point.

While the first generation was equipped with five horizontal fluorescent tubes, some years later the second generation succeeded in fulfilling the same task with only two vertical T5 FL tubes and a central reflector. In operation and maintenance, the immediate result of these changes was lower energy and service costs. The third generation saw a full conversion to LED tubes with far improved energy efficiency and even fewer maintenance requirements.

Today, thanks to the high product quality and modular system logic, the poster light boxes are already in their third life cycle. Enormous added value has been achieved both ecologically and economically, and with a little foresight and the corresponding initial investment, it has been possible to triple the life cycle.Above all, these measures mean that expensive foundation and surfacing works as well as repeated dismantling and disposal can all be done away with completely.