Moderne Rundbank in Genf

Landscape round bench for Pont Rouge Geneva

With the Pont Rouge project from SBB Immobilien, the surroundings of the Lancy-Pont-Rouge train station in Geneva are set for a revamping.

The new city quarter is made up of six buildings that will house offices, shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as an assortment of public and leisure facilities. 600 apartments have also been incorporated into the building complex. The project was designed by the landscape architects Raderschall Partner in collaboration with the designer Frédéric Dedelley. BURRI designed a special round Landscape bench within the scope of this major project, and also manufactured, delivered and installed other products from the Landscape family.

With its simple and modern language, this design family blends in well with the Pont Rouge area, inviting residents and professionals from nearby buildings to stop and enjoy the surroundings. The Landscape seating furniture is versatile and extremely durable thanks to a robust construction that makes use of sustainable and enduring materials.    

The landscape furniture is available in larch, Natwood, thermo ash or colour HPL panels, and can also be combined well with cityGREEN Banyan.