The seat can be used flexibly and is suitable for the furnishing of ships or public squares

Landi shipping bench for the Zürichsee shipping company

The MS Linth from the 1950s is the first ship on Lake Zurich which was equipped with BURRI products.

The Zurich shipping company has been looking for a replacement for its deck furniture. Here, the central requirements included high weather resistance and a long lifetime. In addition, the new benches have to match the ship‘s optics, be flexible in installation as well as quick to disassemble. The weight of the bench was therefore crucial. On the one hand, it should not be too heavy to allow for straightforward repositioning for events and repairs. On the other, it should also not be too light in order to avoid slipping.

Following a survey and the testing of various models, BURRI public elements produced two prototypes in different styles.
Finally, the decision was made for a modified Landi bench. 

The MS Linth from the 1950s is the first ship on Lake Zurich that BURRI has had the honour of outfitting, and this has now been followed by the weather deck of the motorised ship, Limmat und Säntis. 

The rubber feet enable free positioning without slipping, while a special mechanism allows two benches to be connected back to back. 

This Landi adaptation is already used today in a variety of public spaces, for example on the Hardplatz in Zurich.