The smart bench-table-bench combo

Landi Curia

BURRI developed the Landi Curia bench-table-bench combination in collaboration with the city of Chur. Here, the classic Landi bench-table-bench combination has been outfitted with a solar roof and charging stations for tablets and smartphones.

The roof of the Landi Curia serves to protect against the weather and stores energy via the integrated photovoltaic panels. The solar panels absorb the sunlight and store the energy in the built-in battery. Each day 400 - 700 watt hours are stored, which can then be used to charge mobile devices. The roof is made of rolled sheet metal, and on the sides of the construction there is also space for flower boxes. In addition to the USB-A and USB-C interfaces integrated into the sides, the mobile devices can also be charged via wireless charger.

The Landi Curia by BURRI thus convinces by its durability, smart technology and functionality.