Bench-table-bench combinations, curved benches and UNI barrier posts

Landi benches and UNI barrier posts at Eyhof Zurich

A range of versions of this classic outdoor furniture adorn the residential complex.

Eyhof in the Zurich quarter of Albisrieden was originally built in 1949 as an ensemble of settlements, and comprises around 100 apartments. The residential oasis was brought up to date during the most recent phase of redevelopment.

A range of versions of the Landi products line were installed in the course of this modernisation. Among others, this included the classic bench for seniors as well as the bench-table-bench combination. Here, despite differences in appearance, the landscape architects and BURRI successfully integrated the models within the complex as a homogeneous assemblage of outdoor furniture.

Contact was established between the planners at Schmid Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH and BURRI public elements AG already during the project planning phase for Eyhof Zurich. This enabled all processes to be carried out optimally and without delays.