Different variants of the Landi classic from 1939

Goldau Nature Park

BURRI has supplied the Goldau Nature Park with family-friendly benches.

The Goldau Nature Park and Zoo makes a substantial contribution to nature protection and the conservation of endangered species. With a wide range of recreational and educational opportunities, important species conservation programs, and collaborations with international zoos and science, the zoo is a centre of excellence for breeding and reintroduction, as well as for education and information. As a specialist in public space, BURRI was commissioned to implement a variety of measures towards the revitalisation of the park and to improve usability.

The ‘panorama space’ was furnished with a range of seating and picnic facilities. Here, a Landi Curved Bench was intricately manufactured by hand to precisely correspond to the prescribed radius. The bench slats were specifically manufactured for the project using a steam-bending process.

In addition to the long, curved bench, a number of different bank-table-bench combinations make the spot an ideal place for picnics. The classic model of Landi Bench from the Zurich National Exhibition of 1939 was also used. Alongside numerous new elements, BURRI also renovated existing benches with new slats, thereby extending the lifetime. The material used for this was NATWOOD® – the optimal domestic alternative to tropical woods.