Information and signage system


 Corporate design for signposting systems, information carriers and steles.

Glattpark - History:

The Glattpark building zone (formerly known as Oberhauserriet) has long been regarded as an immensely valuable location that is deserving of particularly careful utilization. The site between Zurich Airport and the city offers outstanding business opportunities and, not surprisingly, has been turning the heads of investors and planners for many a year. In this time, a train station as well as port, airship port and metro have all been envisaged for the area. Today, fifteen years since the launch of the building project, it is clear that the Glattpark is setting an urban accent that will outlast the moment.

Glattpark - Today:

The ten years of construction over many stages has seen the involvement of numerous investors, building contractors and other companies. Against this backdrop, the development of a uniform signage and information concept for visitors and residents was essential. To ensure harmonious and cross-functional information and signposting, the city of Opfikon has assumed responsibility for the information and signage system at Glattpark and has commissioned Designalltag Rinderer GmbH with the elaboration of the design. This is above all intended to safeguard elements relating to signposting and information across the individual construction stages and in the final implementation. A corporate design for signposting, information carriers and steles for the Glattpark has been developed together with BURRI. This includes signs for pedestrians and local transport, house numbers, large steles, info and poster light boxes, as well as display cabinets for smaller posters and notices.