Foyer illumination for Schauspielhaus Zurich

The original main stage of the Zurich Schauspielhaus, the Pfauenbühne, counts as one of the most prominent and important theatres in the Germanspeaking world. Naturally, an institution of such standing will be in need of renovation from time to time, and so BURRI was commissioned to produce the new LED ceiling illumination that today allows the foyer of the Pfauen to shine in fresh splendour.

The commission was carried out in cooperation with the lighting designer nachtaktiv. Time pressure posed the central challenge for BURRI over the course of this project, as the entire foyer had to be renovated during the five-week break. In total, BURRI installed 52 LED lines on the ceiling of the foyer, each of which can be separately controlled and varied in colour. The luminaires were designed in red, green, blue and white. In the future, the intermissions at Schauspielhaus Zur-ich will also be a little spectacle of their own. Through the individual control of the colours, it is possible to create a range of different atmospheres. From the style of a modern techno club to warm Renaissance lighting, almost everything is possible – quite in keeping with the world of theatre.

The design of the new foyer was masterminded by Alexander Giesche and stage designer Nadia Fistarol.