METRO LED luminaires with special patented ‘Dark Sky plus’ screen

EWZ power plant, Zurich

Stray light is being eliminated without disrupting the appearance of the luminaire.

The narrow and precise light control of LED lamps provide enormous benefits, especially in the narrow streets of the Old Town. Nevertheless, situations inevitably arise when even the confined light distribution of LED luminaires give off too much scattered light. To meet these exacting standards, BURRI has developed and patented the special ‘Dark Sky plus’ screen. These unique blinds are situated behind the glass in the luminaires, with precisely calculated apertures and set at specific distance from the lenses. In this way, stray light can be eliminated without disrupting the appearance of the luminaire or creating additional contact surfaces for dirt.

The ‘Dark Sky Plus’ option used here is available for all METRO products. (Int. Pat. BURRI)

Products used