Orientation for visitors at the largest shopping center in Central Switzerland

Emmen Center information system

With its custom-built info steles by BURRI, the shopping mall has another feather in its cap.

Constructed in 1975 and renovated in 2001, the Emmen Center in Emmenbrücke LU welcomes around 4.5 million visitors every year. Among other features, the shoppers appreciate the pleasant ambience and natural daylight of the center, as well as the over two thousand free parking spaces. In early 2017, BURRI public elements has installed a signage system that not only straightforwardly and clearly guides people to their destinations, but also lends a strong visual identity to the surrounding space.

The finished information steles, each of which are arranged as a trio, are made of high quality aluminium, steel and glass. The digital information systems are equipped with the latest LED technology. Here, BURRI public elements made use of – and optimised – the best practice solutions. Specifically, the monitor steles no longer feature vane technology, and instead use glass that is that hung in the supporting structure with adhesive brackets. Planning and construction were a challenge, with an installation that was required to begin within a very short period of time. The project was completed successfully thanks to expert work and an active exchange with the building contractor.