High-quality steel, LED and wood constructions – made to measure

Eiger + in Grindelwald

The center of Grindelwald was equipped with various Public Elements®.

In 2014, this modern shopping centre with underground parking was constructed in the heart of Grindelwald. Together with the «erlebnisplan» agency, BURRI public elements has created a concept for the remodelling of two plazas, with the overarching aim of breathing life into the public space around the Eiger+ centre. «erlebnisplan» supports tourist destinations all the way from analysis to implementation. In Grindelwald, they were responsible for organising the woodcraft as well as the ‘Fotopoint’ featuring the Eiger north face.

The lower plaza is available for events and is also a space for active interactions. This is highlighted by multifunctional furniture that can be used both as a bench and as a bar. Here, all that is required is to turn the construction by 90°. The design was inspired by the Landscape seating system from Frédéric Dedelley. The square cityGREEN BANYAN plant troughs allow the arrangement of any number of desired combinations, while the over sixty-metre-long curved handrail with warm dimmable LED lights ensures a welcoming ambience.

The upper plaza invites visitors to enjoy a small siesta. BURRI has installed native larch seat covers to improve the comfort of the concrete seating islands, which are set alongside round cityGREEN BANYAN plant troughs. The seating islands feature coloured underlighting, in this case the RGB version. Using a control box, it is possible to manually define the light intensity, colours, time of activity and much more.

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