A spectacular moveart object on Lucerne’s landmark peak

The dragon on the Pilatus

The dragon that makes all wishes come true - an obvious highlight on Dragon Stone

The dragon has landed at Fräkmüntegg, and now the fabled Mount Pilatus has gained an extra special highlight.

Pilatus-Bahnen AG developed this concept together with erlebnisplan AG. BURRI and moveart provided the finished product within a short timeframe. A ten metre long and five metre wide dragon – in the spectacular moveart design.

Dragons have been important for Mount Pilatus since time immemorial. Legend has it that they feel particularly at home on its craggy peak. No coincidence that the logo of Pilatus-Bahnen AG is graced by a dragon, and the same theme is also officially celebrated on the adventure mountain. The play sculpture of maintenance-friendly Accoya wood has broad wings that rise up towards the heavens. These symbolise the element of air and also represent liberation. The head of the dragon looks towards the valley, embodying vision and foresight. The positioning of the artwork allows it to serve as a perfect backdrop for family photos.

Of course, the traditional benefits of a moveart piece are also included: playfulness, fun, movement, adventure and art. All brought together in a single object – Draco Helveticus Pilatus, the “Dragon of Wishes”.