Steambent larch wood for a large seating bench

Custom curved bench

This Landi curved bench has four different radii and an overall length of more than 26 metres.

In the summer of 2018, BURRI was awarded a contract from Gamisch Architekten GmbH to produce a custom-designed curved bench for the beverage suppliers Mosterei Möhl. Thereby, the clients placed particular emphasis on high quality craftsmanship and local production. Also thanks to its many years of cooperation with the wood bending specialists at Sulgen TG, BURRI was able to satisfy these high requirements. Mosterei Möhl is a decades-long manufacturer of apple juice and apple wine. In October, they opened the first Swiss juicing and fermentation museum in Arbon. The Landi curved bench is now situated in the forecourt, where it invites people to linger a while.

BURRI measured the dimensions of the forecourt directly on location using a 3D laser scanner. On the basis of the measured contours, the designers could determine the precise flow of the bench as well as the radii and vertices. Aided by this extremely accurate planning and construction, and the precise realisation in the factory, the Landi curved bench nestles into the existing forecourt in a visually appealing manner. The wood surface is finished with pigmented oil, which makes the bench slatting more durable and delays the natural greying process.

Despite the tight schedule, BURRI completed the entire project as planned.