The modular Landi Round Bench system from BURRI shows off its talents.

Curved bench for St. Gallen’s Marktplatz

BURRI built a 23 meter Landi round bench with organic, flowing shapes.

BURRI has produced a customised curved bench for the local Marktplatz (“market square”) on behalf of the municipal building department in St. Gallen. The client requested a one-off bench with organic, flowing shapes – a task that was made significantly more straightforward for BURRI through the use of the Landi Round Bench modular system. The combination of curved Round Bench segments and straight spacer sections in the same design vocabulary provided the customer with countless means of personalising the square and giving it the desired unique touch. BURRI provided support to the municipal building department during the assembly of the various segments, helping to give the planning project a final form that is appealing and elegant. With this approach, an individual space design with simple parameters emerged within a very short time. While the object is unique, the biggest advantage for the building authority is in the modular principle and, with this, a closeness to the "standard" (e.g. for spare parts procurement).

The steambent larch slatting, which is made from local quality wood, follows the geometry of the seating. The curved bench is supplemented with backrest elements. The bench frame is constructed using hot-dip galvanised steel tubing.