Cosy atmosphere for outdoors

LIVING ROOM brings the home space into the public domain. The outdoor luminaire convinces with its innovative design, extremely stable and durable materials and high-quality LED light sources. It is therefore not surprising that since the first placement of the LIVING ROOM luminaire on the ETH Hönggerberg campus (Zurich), numerous exciting projects have been developed, ranging from large housing estates, public parks, hospitals and nursing homes to projects in the Arab world.

The design by Reto Marty (nachtaktiv GmbH, Zurich) convinces with its restrained and simple, no-frills design. A slightly inclined shade is reminiscent of living room lamps from times gone by and distributes the light to one side. LIVING ROOM thus creates cosy, usable islands of light. On a square or in a park, gently illuminated oases of well-being are created. The energy-efficient LED insert inside the shade emits a warm light colour, which also prevents upward light pollution.

No wonder that the project Campus ETH Zurich, in which LIVING ROOM forms a central aspect of the overall design, has been awarded the German Design Award. The philosophy of the master plan developed by Reto Marty "is based on the idea of making urban space visible with minimal light intensity and shaping the emotional experience of the night". The jury attested to the winning project in the category "Excellent Architecture Urban Space and Infrastructure" that "light pollution is a topic of high relevance". The concept developed by Reto Marty promises to "make the perception of the night more tangible without making one feel uncomfortable". This promises a pleasant living room flair, a light oasis in public space!

The light can be combined with other BURRI products such as the BURRI 02 line without any problems. The LIVING ROOM outdoor luminaire is particularly suitable for residential complexes, courtyards, hospitals and nursing homes, but also as small oases in larger parks.