From the information steles to the outdoor furniture produced and realised on site

Core renewal of the municipality of Lachen SZ

BURRI is serving as general contractor for the core renewal of the Municipality of Lachen in the areas of signage, outdoor furniture, waste systems, stopping point infrastructure (SPI®) and barrier systems.

BURRI also produced custom info steles for optimal orientation around the upgraded town centre. Some of the steles also feature LED displays for the display of information for tourists, new residents and locals. Orientation, general assistance and interesting local facts and information about Lachen as an attractive place to live are all accommodated in the steles.

All of the products are well matched to the overall concept of the municipality and are individualised to suit the respective location. Steles, waste systems, benches, bollards and a shelter are painted in an elegant bronze-grey, lending all of the Public Elements® an individual character and underlining the consistency and harmony of the discerning design concept. BURRI was the final choice for the municipality thanks to the variety of offered solutions, its competent consulting and the durability and sustainability of its products.

With its ambitious “core renewal” project, Lachen is creating quality of life for its inhabitants. The calming and redirecting of motorised individual transportation will bring about safe pedestrian zones and low-speed traffic zones as well as attractive spaces with high aspirations for comfort, quality of stay and overall flair. The core renewal will be completed in 2020.