Green spaces and mobile urban vegetation with no requirement for civil engineering and paving work are important topics in the curation of the public space. Against this backdrop, the municipality of Einsiedeln opted for five elements from the BURRI’s cityGREEN BANYAN line as part of the new redevelopment of Einsiedeln railway station.

The planters are used for zoning as well as the visible greening of the square in front of Einsiedeln railway station. The various elements that make up the cityGREEN product line can be easily relocated using a forklift or crane, enabling a needs-based arrangement of the square according to a broad range of use scenarios.

In cooperation with Lüscher Gartenbau, BURRI has planted easy-care trees in the containers, which can be situated outside all year round without issue.

The wood used in the cityGREEN line is the durable, resistant NATWOOD®. The inside surfaces of the plant trough are coated with ROOTPAKK® HMR® coating for waterproofing and optimum corrosion protection.

BANYAN is based on the Landscape line of seating furniture and can be combined with all Landscape seating.