Analog and digital steles with monitors

City of Basel Music Academy

BURRI public elements planned, manufactured and installed these analogue and digital steles for the City of Basel Music Academy.

New in this particular case is the incorporation of information for both outside and indoor areas of the site. All steles are single-sided with an opening front plate and service hatch in the base.

The digital outdoor steles are equipped with a monitor, touch foil, PC as well as ventilation and heating. The temperature is automatically regulated by a sensor, ensuring functionality even at extremely low or high temperatures. In addition, the steles are dust and splashproof. The digital monitor steles for the indoor areas are significantly simpler in configuration. Here too, maintenance is easy thanks to the removable front panels. BURRI created the overall concept comprising hardware, software and monitors. At the request of the Music Academy, web agency Sukoa was responsible for software programming. Using the touch screen, visitors to the Music Academy can access a variety of information on the website.

The analogue display cabinets feature a magnetic plate, allowing information to be straightforwardly installed and interchanged on a regular basis. Thanks to interior illumination, they are also clearly visible and readable after sundown. Throughout, BURRI has incorporated design specifications from visual communication specialists, whiteRoom.